Watch strap how to choose? Take a look at the article to give you the answer

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When buying a phone, we all pay attention to the material of the phone's shell, whether it is metal or plastic.Because different materials of mobile phones have different feel and performance, the use of the feeling is not the same, the same watch strap, different materials will have different appearance and performance, also directly affect the wearer's mood.Let's talk about the difference between different watch bands today.

One, rubber watchband

Rubber watchband is more excellent than leather wear and waterproof characteristics, with flexible design flexibility, wear also light and comfortable.The color of the rubber watchband is very rich and bright, so it is very suitable for children to wear.As a result of rubber completely waterproof, so multi-purpose in diving and sports watches, in the sweat on the outstanding characteristics.If you are a sports fan, rubber watch is more suitable for you.

Rubber easy aging, strong sunlight or oxidation are easy to make rubber cracking, sticky, hardening, softening, discoloration and other phenomena.When wearing a rubber watchband, need to pay attention to the connection part, avoid strong pull.In addition, clean rubber watchband often want to use a soft cloth to wipe, remove some hard dust particles, in order to prevent its scratch rubber surface to produce small cracks, but also effectively extend the life of the watchband.

Two, ceramic watchband

Waterproof and high temperature anti-fading anti-corrosion, and the surface is warm and flawless, can send out soft natural luster.Compared to a stainless steel watch, the weight of the ceramic strap is reduced by about 60 percent, and it looks smooth and delicate with pleasant texture.Every coin has two sides.Ceramics tend to be less ductile if they are too hard.If you fall on hard ground, it will break easily.So although the ceramic table has a lot of such as excellent gloss, high hardness, not rust, not change color and other advantages, but ultimately still have to face the high hardness of fragile pain.If you have children at home, remember to put away your favorite watch.

Three, leather watchband

Leather strap texture soft wrist, wearing comfortable, there is no metal ice stiff feeling.High quality leather watchband with a very beautiful texture, can significantly improve the level of wrist watch, wearing it makes people feel elegant, introverted.Leather watchband is a good choice for many people allergic to metal such as fine steel.Leather watchband normal wear life is about 3 years, good maintenance can be maintained for 5 years or more.Want us to be maintained carefully at ordinary times only, can raise its service life greatly, this and the truth that wear leather shoes are same.If you prefer a low-key, luxurious style, leather watches are a good choice.

Four, metal watch

Metal watchband classification: precious metal (platinum, gold, titanium metal), fine steel (stainless steel, etc.), tungsten steel, etc., the general metal watchband with more formal table, more business.It should be noted that, if not used properly, the luster of fine steel will decline, the color will be dark.Ion plating watchband will also change color, discoloration.The use of a period of time needs to be polished steel watchband, also helps to extend the service life.Metal watchband hardness is higher, relatively easy to wear, strong and durable, long use cycle.Not stuffy, not hot, if you often go to business places, or more sweat, then the metal watchband is your best choice.

In fact, different watchband has its advantages and disadvantages, no one is good or bad.As long as it's right for you, it's the best.If there are difficult to choose you, after reading the article, or hesitant words, suggest different materials can be equipped with watchband, according to the season, modeling, occasions, mood change wear, not only can show your different personal style, but also can extend the service life of the watchband.


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