Make You Like Crystal Clear - ​Crystal Necklace - Clasp Types.

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Silver crystal necklace belongs to necklace clasp types, which shows white show young, winter wear coat or low collar sweater with ornaments is really beautiful, do not need to be too expensive do not need to be a too big fine, summer wear short sleeve neck, with crystal is really very beautiful neck.

The common ground of 3 necklaces is quiet in taking a bit nifty and lovely, contracted but not simplesmall but not stingy, the necklace length can adjust through necklace clasp, and especially suit all kinds of clothes.

1. Garnet amethyst necklace (crystal clear texture)

The first feeling that purple gives a person is the delegate color of elegance grace, still, have a kind of mysterious color to be inside at the same time

I think this item is especially suitable for dating, parties, singing (light-colored clothes).

2. White light crystal pendant with sterling silver necklace (comfortable texture)

Pure white crystal is inlaid in the middle, without what superfluous adornment and trifling ornament, actually the simpler thing is more delicate, what collocation is the sterling silver necklace, sterling silver act the role of an article is to wear more bright need not worry about to be able to fade so these circumstances.

Suitable for work, dating, shopping (dark and bright clothes)

3. Jade bamboo necklace (texture warm and clear)

The craft of this bamboo festival is reflected on a lot of adorn article, calculate an adorn article modeling of more popular.

And the jade is more wear brighter, the pure silver necklace that tie-in gold color is rich certain contemporary wind breath, won't appear so stingy

Suitable for any occasion (suitable for light and dark clothes)


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