The 5 Best Men’s Watches Under $50

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The 5 Best Men’s Watches Under $50

Watches can vary in price,

but we know that you don‘t want to break the bank,

so here are the 5 best mens watches under $50.

I absolutely love this very classy and elegant watch.

The fit and finish is good and the internal components

(since this has skeletal viewing on both sides)

exhibits a smooth finish whereas I have seen an unfinished rough surface on other brands.

This watch fits nicely and has an even weight distribution.

The 5 Best Men’s Watches Under $50


The watch was very good quality; heavy, had a card of authenticity

which made it feel ever more luxurious.

The 5 Best Men’s Watches Under $50


I like my watches, and this is my favorite.

I'd buy another one tomorrow if it somehow was broken today.

Every function works flawlessly and it looks every bit as good in person as on pictures.

I got lots of compliments on the watch already and even one from a man wearing an old Rolex.

This watch is worth every dollar, just buy it, you won't be disappointed.

The 5 Best Men’s Watches Under $50


I loved the watch! It looks cool on me!

My friends were so jealous that they asked if they can try it today,

and they gave it back to me!!! The quartz looked BEAUTIFUL!!!

The shine on it, just Shiny!!! I would definetly reccommend this to my JEALOUS friends,

and they said yeah, they said yeah that they would buy it.

The 5 Best Men’s Watches Under $50


This is easily the most worn watch in my humble collection for a few reasons:

1. Unlike my standard Weekenders, which you can hear ticking from across the room,

the Weekender Chrono's tick is whisper quiet even in stopwatch mode.
2. The 40mm case is a nice size — big enough to draw the occasional compliment,

but not so large that it gets in the way.
3. The simple design works in nearly every situation. For example,

it classes up nicely with a leather band.
4. It's cheap. Well below $50, I don't have to baby this watch.

If it gets bumped, scratched or smashed, it's no big deal.
5. This is my favorite. You can adjust the hour without moving the minute hand.

This makes the Weekender Chrono a great watch

to travel with because adjusting timezones less fiddly.

The 5 Best Men’s Watches Under $50


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