Solve All Your Travel Problems - Necklace Travel Case

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Colorful and Fashion Jewelry Travel Case

Go out: travel, different clothes with different accessories, beautiful temperament, full of confidence

Drag: the goddess of commuting temperament, feel free with your life

Collectionsmall size, large storage, can accommodate bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, watches, lipstick, and other accessories.

A portable jewelry box:

1.small but lovely;

2.easy to carry;

3.small size, large storage.

With jewelry: include necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc

With lipstick: removable partition, stackable lipstick, watches

Portable: easy to carry and enjoy the trip

Product parameters:

Color: red, pink, blue, green, white

Material: appearance PU leather, inner linings flocking cloth, hardware fittings

Size: 10 * 10 * 5 cm

Suitable for: travel, shopping, gift, date.

Structure display:

1. Necklace hook, flannelette elastic band

The hooks are suitable for necklaces, hanging earrings and a hidden pocket for hairpins and other small items

2. Removable removable area

Left side detachable partition, the partition can be removed after the lipstick, watches and other accessories

3. Seven layers of wave grooves

Suitable for earring, ring and other small jewelry.

Show details:

Selected leather: texture PU leather, retro texture texture, beautiful and durable leather soft and comfortable feel, easy to take care of wear resistance.

Soft flocking: adopting kneaded flocking cloth, the fuzzy texture is clear and thick, and it is shockproof and friction-proof, soft to the touch.

Hardware accessories: selected high-strength alloy, after multiple polishing electroplating process, not easy to rust.

Space structure: humanized design, ingenious and flexible space structure, flexible and exquisite, more reasonable storage, beautiful and practical.

Color display:






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