I Personally Like Minimalist Watches 2019

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Mens Watches for Small Wrists,

this type of man I think is very fit for a minimalist style.

so….(Very seriously, anyway I am very free now, ha ha ha)

I recommend a few of my favorite minimalist watch styles and brands.

Some of them are more affordable, while others are slightly more expensive.

UNIFORM Watches:
A British watch brand known for its simplicity, headquartered in London, England,
founded in 2009, UNIFORM Watches inc. Has insisted on the "low-profile luxury" line.
There is no Logo on the dial of every watch in his house because they consider anything
branded as a desecration of the design itself.

A Belgian watch brand founded in 2009, KOMONO has always been between the avant-garde
and the retro. It mainly sells styles and is known as the Belgian version of Swatch

Stock Watches:
brand name of Watches in Melbourne, Australia.
It was founded by David Tatangelo, a watch enthusiast in Melbourne.

a watch brand in Glasgow, England.
This design is inspired by Braun, the industrial designer of the mid-20th century.
As the old Braun said, good design is to design as little as possible to make products as easy
to use, beautiful and durable as possible.
And that's minimalism.

I Love Ugly:
a New Zealand watch brand

a Danish watch brand which was founded in 1989
by Copenhagen native Charlotte and Henrik joss.

Tayroc Watches:
British watch brand, in recent years in the United Kingdom,
just established a minimalist style popular logo, once called Tayrox.

Bulbul Watches: Danish watch brand

The Horse:
The Australian watch brand, founded by husband and wife Scott and Amy, is a very cost-effective watch brand. Its watchband is made of real leather and The watch USES The Japanese Miyota movement. The style is elegant and simple.

an American watch brand established in 2006, TSOVET is a watch brand designed for young fashionistas.

German watch brand, is one of the few companies in the world with independent intellectual property rights and independent design, development, and manufacturing capabilities.

a French watch brand.

German watch brand. The watch line is clean and concise, which embodies the design concept of "Less is More" everywhere.

American watch brand.

Swedish watch brand formed by Swedish designer David Ericsson in 2008.
Jacob Jensen:
Danish watch brand, founded by Jacob Jensen, he is the first Danish to learn industrial design, is a pioneer in the history of Danish enterprises, his design has always been simple, elegant, lively style.

German watch brand, founded by Erhard Junghans brothers in the small town of schlenberg in the southern part of federal Germany, with a history of more than 150 years, it has the largest watch factory in Germany and the highest sales volume in Germany at present.

Rossling &: Co.:
a Canadian watch brand with an artsy Tweed strap that has long been used as a fabric.

a watch brand established in China by Julien Gueuning, a Swiss designer. The watches are made of diamond-like coatings, IPH coatings, sapphire glass mirrors, and other raw materials.

Daniel Wellington:
a Swedish watch brand now headquartered in Uppsala, southeast Sweden. Apart from nylon, DW only offers cowhide straps, which come with a strong collegiate style and timeless simplicity.

Swiss development team Klokers' slide-rule style watch. There are two types of watches, KLOK-01 and KLOK 02, which are inspired by the circular slide rule. The models are equipped with a precise digital scale, dial without pointer and retro color. When reading the time, you can know the current time by reading the number of minutes and seconds appearing under the magnifying glass at the position of 12 o 'clock. The KLOK-02 also lets you adjust your time zone with one click from anywhere on earth.

American company, the movement is mainly Swiss and Japanese movement, the mirror is a sapphire glass material, the band is an Italian domestic brand.

People People:
Swedish brand this pocket watch is for those who are also used to watch rather than a mobile phone, it is obvious, the old components as a member of the Brickstad says this is a thoughtful design, don't just want to create a pocket watch, People can't jump watch prototype framework, even if the main functions of the watch from that time become a style show, created this pocket watch is in order to meet the real need.


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