Enjoy Your Trip - Necklace Travel Case

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Travel portable jewelry box wooden flannelette lock with portable mirror, ring earrings necklace jewelry storage box.

It is made of wear-resistant PU leather and environment-friendly flocking lining. Size: 10.5 cm long * 10.5 cm wide * 5.5 cm high.

Apply to bedroom, dormitory, travel, work, desktop.

Gorgeous and colorful outside appearance, hold watch heart collect carefully concurrently melting.


1. Go out for a business trip, different clothes with different accessories, plus beautiful temperament;

2. Drag commuting goddess, fix makeup at any time, feel free with your sex life;

3. Small enough to hold earrings, rings and necklaces.

A portable jewelry box for lipstick:

1. Install jewelry, including rings, earrings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets and other small ornaments;

2. Clear makeup mirror can supplement your perfect self anytime and anywhere;

3. It's portable and easy to travel around, in your pocket.

You can choose from many styles:

1. Sakura Pink

2. The sky is blue Garnet

3. Red (without mirror)

4. Pure black

Product details:

1. Hardware puller selection texture PU, beautiful and durable cross grain, natural luster, clear visible lines, soft and comfortable touch;

2. The soft flocking adopts the flocking with strong stereoscopic sense. The wool is plump and smooth, with a thick texture, soft luster and not easy to wrinkle;

3. Detachable, more convenient for hair clips, bracelets, hanging earrings and necklaces;

4. Scientific structure inherits European jewelry box design art, flexible and exquisite space structure, more scientific and reasonable storage, beautiful and practical.

As a gift:

May give the friend: the youth mark, the friendship lives forever;

Give it to your family: love is everywhere;

Can send closer friend: sincere blessing, to speechless is not you;

You can send a lover: French romantic experience, give you Macaron sweet.


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