Differences of Low Vs High End Watches

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Differences of Low Vs High End Watches

Is it necessary to buy expensive watches?

What is the difference between high and low prices of watches?


These days, phones come with a time feature.

Why do so many people like to wear watches?

In fact,

For many people in the workplace,

The function of the watch is not limited to checking the time,

It's a status symbol.This is especially true for men.


So, why buy expensive watches?

Is the stand or fall of the watch reflected according to the price?

Watch the difference in price is reflected in where?

Do you know all these questions?


1. Is it necessary to buy expensive watches ?

Since the watch is a status symbol,

Of course, many people choose the expensive one.

It is more dignified to wear them out.

After all, you get what you pay for.If the economy allows it,

I am to suggest buy expensive, this also is a fact, understandable.

But which watch to choose depends on personal preference.


For friends who don't have enough money,I suggest you buy a cost-effective watch brand,

Brands like swatch, casio, tissot, and Citroen.

And buy a watch, there is no need to buy expensive, as long as it suits their own, is the best.

When you buy a watch, you still need to follow your own needs.

For example, do you want the sporty type or the normal type,

Is the choice of mechanical or quartz watch,

If you think your favorite mechanical watch brand is too expensive,

Then you can choose the quartz watch under the same brand,

Quartz watches are also very good,It is stable, accurate and affordable.

Why not choose it?


2.Where is the difference in the price of watches

First of all, the price difference between high and low in the brand.

I have summarized some for you in another article,
please check it out: The Rankings

And at these levels,

There is a fixed price range for each type of watch.

Secondly, the price difference is reflected in the function and performance.


Too many words.

I have integrated another article, please refer to :

Why are watch prices so high?
We explain the increase in watch prices & why they have gone up faster than the rate of inflation.


For example, the more functions a sports watch of the same brand has,

The deeper the waterproofing, the higher the price.That's where the price difference comes in.


The more expensive the better,

As long as it meets our own needs and preferences,

Then it is a treasure of our own.


However, it is important to note that according to the occasion to choose the right watch,

Such collocation just can reflect your individual temperament and glamour more.


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