Difference Between $50 & $5,000 Watch

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Why the price of watches ranges from $50 to $5,000?

Is it the difference in quality or the price increase caused by brand premium?



A quartz movement of the ETA

ETA2824 and its imitation SW200

ETA is currently the largest supplier of movement in Switzerland,under the SWATCH group.

From the above two pictures can be very intuitive sense of the luxury of the mechanical movement.

Of course, there are also very fine quartz movement,

But in the same class under the quartz watch is generally more than 40% cheaper

than mechanical watches.

2.Watch polishing

hamilton khaki field

Above is the back of the Hamilton khaki field,

At around $650,

The movement is ETA2824-2,

You can see there's no polishing.

This is the back of a radar crystal that costs close to $1,500.

The movement is also a modification of ETA2824

The autopilot is clearly streaked with Geneva grain and the plywood is pearly polished.

The same basic movement, more than double the price.

Of course, the top brands usually have their own movement,

The shape and grinding is incomparable to the movement

For example, the Glashutte Original costs around $12,000.

Elegant pearl white plate and alpha pointer, beautiful

The autopilot added 21k gold as counterweight to increase the efficiency of the upper chain.

The pattern on the balance wheel splint is carved by hand.

Believe that anyone saw this movement, will be her beautiful amazing.

3, Design, craftsmanship and materials

Top brands such as patek philippe, vacheron constantin,

most of the watch money are used in 18k 22k gold, platinum,

rose gold and other precious metals.

These will add to the cost of materials.

To be durable and crash-resistant,

they don't need to be 24K because pure gold is too soft.

Lange,Platinum materials

Gold pendulum rudder,

Platinum counterweight,

The price exceeds $75,000,

It's a real luxury car to wear on your hand.


As you can see,

Langa this movement of the balance wheel splint is only one.

It's a lot smaller than Glashutte Original,

So where did that fourfold increase come from?

Take the timekeeping movement of rangel as an example:

These dazzling parts, or polished pattern, or polishing.

Each has a cambered chamfer and a polished surface,

where most of the craftsman's work is spent.


Most watches look embarrassed at a magnifying glass,

Only the top watch can hold its head high.

Patek philippe, vacheron constantin and other top table, most are this level.

And Glashutte Original's polishing, compared to them, is still not a small gap,

You can compare their edges.


As a side note,

the company makes only 5,000 watches a year,

out of a total of 770 employees.

In stark contrast,

about 1.3 billion watches were shipped worldwide in 2017.

Philippe Dufour and his work

The more expensive the watch, the more exponential increase in labor costs,

and train a good watchmaker, may take more than a decade.


By the way,

whether it's Lange or Glashutte Original,

the pattern is hand-carved, and each one is theoretically unique.


This year,
Jacob & Co launched a Astronomia,
The price is $548,000 without diamond design.
The diamond design is $1,015,000.


Both have the diamond moon.

But here's the difference: a watch with a diamond design, whose stars are paved with diamonds.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia


Maybe it can't be called a watch.

It should be in the museum.


When the platinum earth,

diamond moon and tourbillon in your wrist under the stars rotation,

I do not know you will have a sense of integration with the universe.



To better answer this question,Put in the casio f91 for comparison, it's less than $14.

So,i want to ask
Jacob & Co Astronomia than it is easy to read?
Jacob & Co Astronomia than it accurate?
Jacob & Co Astronomia can see weeks and the date?
So if you were as rich as Jack Ma, which one would you buy?


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