Watch strap how to choose? Take a look at the article to give you the answer

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When buying a phone, we all pay attention to the material of the phone's shell, whether it is metal or plastic.Because different materials of mobile phones have different feel and performance, the use of the feeling is not the same, the same watch strap, different materials will have different appearance and performance, also directly affect the wearer's mood.Let's talk about the difference between different watch bands today.

One, rubber watchband

Rubber watchband is more excellent than leather wear and waterproof characteristics, with flexible design flexibility, wear also light and comfortable.The color of the rubber watchband is very rich and bright, so it is very suitable for children to wear.As a result of rubber completely waterproof, so multi-purpose in diving and sports watches, in the sweat on the outstanding characteristics.If you are a sports fan, rubber watch is more suitable for you.

Rubber easy aging, strong sunlight or oxidation are easy to make rubber cracking, sticky, hardening, softening, discoloration and other phenomena.When wearing a rubber watchband, need to pay attention to the connection part, avoid strong pull.In addition, clean rubber watchband often want to use a soft cloth to wipe, remove some hard dust particles, in order to prevent its scratch rubber surface to produce small cracks, but also effectively extend the life of the watchband.

Two, ceramic watchband

Waterproof and high temperature anti-fading anti-corrosion, and the surface is warm and flawless, can send out soft natural luster.Compared to a stainless steel watch, the weight of the ceramic strap is reduced by about 60 percent, and it looks smooth and delicate with pleasant texture.Every coin has two sides.Ceramics tend to be less ductile if they are too hard.If you fall on hard ground, it will break easily.So although the ceramic table has a lot of such as excellent gloss, high hardness, not rust, not change color and other advantages, but ultimately still have to face the high hardness of fragile pain.If you have children at home, remember to put away your favorite watch.

Three, leather watchband

Leather strap texture soft wrist, wearing comfortable, there is no metal ice stiff feeling.High quality leather watchband with a very beautiful texture, can significantly improve the level of wrist watch, wearing it makes people feel elegant, introverted.Leather watchband is a good choice for many people allergic to metal such as fine steel.Leather watchband normal wear life is about 3 years, good maintenance can be maintained for 5 years or more.Want us to be maintained carefully at ordinary times only, can raise its service life greatly, this and the truth that wear leather shoes are same.If you prefer a low-key, luxurious style, leather watches are a good choice.

Four, metal watch

Metal watchband classification: precious metal (platinum, gold, titanium metal), fine steel (stainless steel, etc.), tungsten steel, etc., the general metal watchband with more formal table, more business.It should be noted that, if not used properly, the luster of fine steel will decline, the color will be dark.Ion plating watchband will also change color, discoloration.The use of a period of time needs to be polished steel watchband, also helps to extend the service life.Metal watchband hardness is higher, relatively easy to wear, strong and durable, long use cycle.Not stuffy, not hot, if you often go to business places, or more sweat, then the metal watchband is your best choice.

In fact, different watchband has its advantages and disadvantages, no one is good or bad.As long as it's right for you, it's the best.If there are difficult to choose you, after reading the article, or hesitant words, suggest different materials can be equipped with watchband, according to the season, modeling, occasions, mood change wear, not only can show your different personal style, but also can extend the service life of the watchband.

Difference Between $50 & $5,000 Watch

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Why the price of watches ranges from $50 to $5,000?

Is it the difference in quality or the price increase caused by brand premium?



A quartz movement of the ETA

ETA2824 and its imitation SW200

ETA is currently the largest supplier of movement in Switzerland,under the SWATCH group.

From the above two pictures can be very intuitive sense of the luxury of the mechanical movement.

Of course, there are also very fine quartz movement,

But in the same class under the quartz watch is generally more than 40% cheaper

than mechanical watches.

2.Watch polishing

hamilton khaki field

Above is the back of the Hamilton khaki field,

At around $650,

The movement is ETA2824-2,

You can see there's no polishing.

This is the back of a radar crystal that costs close to $1,500.

The movement is also a modification of ETA2824

The autopilot is clearly streaked with Geneva grain and the plywood is pearly polished.

The same basic movement, more than double the price.

Of course, the top brands usually have their own movement,

The shape and grinding is incomparable to the movement

For example, the Glashutte Original costs around $12,000.

Elegant pearl white plate and alpha pointer, beautiful

The autopilot added 21k gold as counterweight to increase the efficiency of the upper chain.

The pattern on the balance wheel splint is carved by hand.

Believe that anyone saw this movement, will be her beautiful amazing.

3, Design, craftsmanship and materials

Top brands such as patek philippe, vacheron constantin,

most of the watch money are used in 18k 22k gold, platinum,

rose gold and other precious metals.

These will add to the cost of materials.

To be durable and crash-resistant,

they don't need to be 24K because pure gold is too soft.

Lange,Platinum materials

Gold pendulum rudder,

Platinum counterweight,

The price exceeds $75,000,

It's a real luxury car to wear on your hand.


As you can see,

Langa this movement of the balance wheel splint is only one.

It's a lot smaller than Glashutte Original,

So where did that fourfold increase come from?

Take the timekeeping movement of rangel as an example:

These dazzling parts, or polished pattern, or polishing.

Each has a cambered chamfer and a polished surface,

where most of the craftsman's work is spent.


Most watches look embarrassed at a magnifying glass,

Only the top watch can hold its head high.

Patek philippe, vacheron constantin and other top table, most are this level.

And Glashutte Original's polishing, compared to them, is still not a small gap,

You can compare their edges.


As a side note,

the company makes only 5,000 watches a year,

out of a total of 770 employees.

In stark contrast,

about 1.3 billion watches were shipped worldwide in 2017.

Philippe Dufour and his work

The more expensive the watch, the more exponential increase in labor costs,

and train a good watchmaker, may take more than a decade.


By the way,

whether it's Lange or Glashutte Original,

the pattern is hand-carved, and each one is theoretically unique.


This year,
Jacob & Co launched a Astronomia,
The price is $548,000 without diamond design.
The diamond design is $1,015,000.


Both have the diamond moon.

But here's the difference: a watch with a diamond design, whose stars are paved with diamonds.

Jacob & Co. Astronomia


Maybe it can't be called a watch.

It should be in the museum.


When the platinum earth,

diamond moon and tourbillon in your wrist under the stars rotation,

I do not know you will have a sense of integration with the universe.



To better answer this question,Put in the casio f91 for comparison, it's less than $14.

So,i want to ask
Jacob & Co Astronomia than it is easy to read?
Jacob & Co Astronomia than it accurate?
Jacob & Co Astronomia can see weeks and the date?
So if you were as rich as Jack Ma, which one would you buy?

Why Are Watches So Expensive? | Udaneystore

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Why are watch prices so high?

We explain the increase in watch prices,

and why they have gone up faster than the rate of inflation.

At one point, an article circulated on the Internet that said:

A Louis vuitton bag for $2,988.

I put the cost of mass production at about $29, Small batches may cost $59.

LV bags are made of PVC coated canvas, or Oxford cloth.

The price of high quality PVC resin is 2 dollars a kilo.

The wholesale price for hardware is $2.90 to $7.40.

That works out to about $32.8 to $67 for an LV bag.

So it's easy to explain:

How Did Watch Prices Get So High?

Why are watch prices so high?

We explain the increase in watch prices & why they have gone up faster than the rate of inflation.

For the moment,

let's leave aside the business logic of cost accounting,

Just to discuss: Luxury valueWhere exactly is it?


In the case of watches,

The same timers, but at different prices.


Many of my friends have questioned this before.

A small wristwatch,

different brands of price difference is up to several thousand dollars

or even tens of thousands of dollars,

How are they different ?????

To understand the value of a wristwatch, you first need to understand the wristwatch.

For a watch,

Its value is above all concerned with its fixed position.

There are three types of positioning of wristwatches:

Functional requirements,

Aesthetic demand ,

And quality requirements.


First, functional requirements are the easiest to satisfy.

As long as the shape can pass.

Such products may have novel appearance and dare to break through the traditional design.

However, they never consider whether consumers will suffer from aesthetic fatigue

after wearing them for a long time.

Because this product is updated so quickly, it will soon become obsolete.


For high-end watches,Inner qualities are more important.

The intrinsic quality of the watch includes brand history,

cultural heritage and traditional handicraft, etc.

These are important factors for all social classes to recognize luxury goods.

So, what determines that casio can only sell for a few hundred dollars?

But patek philippe can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The answer is that they have different values.

As for the top watch, it is very strict in the choice of materials and parts.

In addition,

the watchmaker needs to strictly follow the traditional watchmaking

process to complete the production by hand.

By contrast, ordinary watches are made by assembly-line machines.

The difference of craft value leads to the different difficulty of making them.

The main reason is different consumption concept.


The Main Reason Is Different Consumption Concept.

In fact, in terms of its functional properties,

Some top watches if not properly operated and maintained,

It's not even as accurate as a digital watch that costs a few dozen dollars.

Similar to the LV bag mentioned above,

Much of the cost of luxury is spent out of sight.

Such as material, craft and design.

Different from the mass consumption concept,

These are the core competencies of luxury brands.

For some high-end consumers,

Whether it's a watch or a backpack,

They are willing to pay for the brand to buy the quality, craftsmanship and culture that the brand represents.


Ordinary watches from the production line,

Mass production reduces labor costs.

In addition, these brands often adopt the strategy of trading volume for price.

But for a top watch,

The product itself is more like a work of art,Not consumer goods,

Therefore, the cost control is not strict.


Take mechanical watches.

The movement of every mechanical watch

contains a whole set of complicated and delicate mechanical parts -- gears, screws,...

In making these parts, the watchmaker must be attentive, careful, and fastidiously perfect.

It's a test of the precision of human manufacturing.

In other words, the mechanical watch is the product of modern technology,

it is the crystallization of human civilization.

History is a kind of inheritance, but also a kind of nostalgia.


It's not just the watch, it's the craftsmanship.

If you don't have to talk to the owner of a Rolls-Royce about fuel consumption,

Then you don't have to discuss the price with the owner of the patek philippe.

For these consumers,

The functionality of cars and watches is only a basic requirement.

In addition, they care more about the interior decoration of solid wood,

And the visual difference brought by different dial glossiness.


A Swiss watchmaker said:

In recent years, consumers have been keen to visit our watchmaking workshops.

And I'm happy to witness the whole process.

So more and more consumers have come to understand,

The wristwatch is not just a simple timer,

It is also a "living fossil" of human art and skills.

Differences of Low Vs High End Watches

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Differences of Low Vs High End Watches

Is it necessary to buy expensive watches?

What is the difference between high and low prices of watches?


These days, phones come with a time feature.

Why do so many people like to wear watches?

In fact,

For many people in the workplace,

The function of the watch is not limited to checking the time,

It's a status symbol.This is especially true for men.


So, why buy expensive watches?

Is the stand or fall of the watch reflected according to the price?

Watch the difference in price is reflected in where?

Do you know all these questions?


1. Is it necessary to buy expensive watches ?

Since the watch is a status symbol,

Of course, many people choose the expensive one.

It is more dignified to wear them out.

After all, you get what you pay for.If the economy allows it,

I am to suggest buy expensive, this also is a fact, understandable.

But which watch to choose depends on personal preference.


For friends who don't have enough money,I suggest you buy a cost-effective watch brand,

Brands like swatch, casio, tissot, and Citroen.

And buy a watch, there is no need to buy expensive, as long as it suits their own, is the best.

When you buy a watch, you still need to follow your own needs.

For example, do you want the sporty type or the normal type,

Is the choice of mechanical or quartz watch,

If you think your favorite mechanical watch brand is too expensive,

Then you can choose the quartz watch under the same brand,

Quartz watches are also very good,It is stable, accurate and affordable.

Why not choose it?


2.Where is the difference in the price of watches

First of all, the price difference between high and low in the brand.

I have summarized some for you in another article,
please check it out: The Rankings

And at these levels,

There is a fixed price range for each type of watch.

Secondly, the price difference is reflected in the function and performance.


Too many words.

I have integrated another article, please refer to :

Why are watch prices so high?
We explain the increase in watch prices & why they have gone up faster than the rate of inflation.


For example, the more functions a sports watch of the same brand has,

The deeper the waterproofing, the higher the price.That's where the price difference comes in.


The more expensive the better,

As long as it meets our own needs and preferences,

Then it is a treasure of our own.


However, it is important to note that according to the occasion to choose the right watch,

Such collocation just can reflect your individual temperament and glamour more.

The Rankings : Watch Rankings

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The Rankings ; Watch Rankings

How Does The Class of Watch Brand Rank?

Let me do my own ranking!

(the ranking excludes niche watches,

and those that have been bought by asians, such as kunlun and consden.)

For your convenience in reading this article, I will not put too many pictures here.

Each group was ranked in no particular order.

Patek philippe

the blue blood aristocrat of watches, recognized as the god of watches.

Pedigree, workmanship, innovation, scale and other aspects of the top level.

The first place is undisputed.

Vacheron Constantin

also a more comprehensive brand, people often compare it with patek philippe.However,

due to the slow development in recent years, and not independent operation of the brand,

so and patek philippe or some gap.


an independent brand with great potential. Royal oak series is his masterpiece.

But the edges are a little rough.


in the name of the table king brand, the design is very chic.

It has been emulated by numerous brands,

but its disadvantages are similar to those of vacheron constantin,

which has developed slowly in recent years and is not an independent brand.


NO.1 in the German watch, NO less than patek philippe in movement grinding.

But in terms of technology and visibility with the Swiss watch there is a gap,

it and vacheron constantin belong to richemont group.

Roger dubuis

a brand of more than 20 years.

Its technology, design, grinding are the first - class level of the watch industry.

But it will take at least another 30 years to know how successful it will be.

Bao Po

a very controversial brand, cost-effective premium table.

But some people say it's a hybrid.


jewelry brand.Recently launched Polo series are steel watches,

lower the threshold.

Richard miller

it has neither a long history nor a brand like Roger rodger or Parmesan Johnny,

who relies entirely on celebrity marketing.As for the long term, we will see.


is very innovative.However, due to the large output,

there is a lack of polishing and quality control.


second in the German table.

This is also something to consider if you simply prefer a classic look.


the price is moderate.

Its cost performance can compete with that of the Bao Po.



But the brand has remained tepid, which can only be blamed on poor publicity.

Zhi bai

gradually lonely brand.


the king of watches. Rolex may not be the best watch brand,

but it's certainly the most practical.

Perhaps rolex does not have complex technology,

perhaps do not have delicate burnish,

but its after sale, quality, stability is top class.


the favorite of young people, but the price is too high.


jewelry brand, exterior design feeling is very strong.


a jewelry brand with two branches,

namely the racing car series and L.U.C series.

L.U.C series not only has elegant appearance, but also has lower price.


overwhelming advertising.It is challenging rolex.


a young brand, which is promoted by LVMH in recent years,

is dominated by sports watches and has a highly recognizable appearance.

The advertisement that can be seen everywhere,

the application of all sorts of new material,

it is the popular logo in wrist watch.


a brand that can be seen everywhere on the road has a huge output,

which also brings about the problem of poor quality control.

As one of the main brands of Swatch,

it employs many celebrities to endorse its products and enjoys high popularity.


belonging to the same Swatch group as tissot,

it can be understood as a low-key version of tissot,

with slightly better quality control. It mainly focuses on sports watches.

If you have a limited budget

and don't like to go with the flow, you can consider buying it.

This is just a list of my brainstorms.
There are many famous watches that are not listed.
Welcome to add.

Solve All Your Travel Problems - Necklace Travel Case

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Colorful and Fashion Jewelry Travel Case

Go out: travel, different clothes with different accessories, beautiful temperament, full of confidence

Drag: the goddess of commuting temperament, feel free with your life

Collectionsmall size, large storage, can accommodate bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, watches, lipstick, and other accessories.

A portable jewelry box:

1.small but lovely;

2.easy to carry;

3.small size, large storage.

With jewelry: include necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc

With lipstick: removable partition, stackable lipstick, watches

Portable: easy to carry and enjoy the trip

Product parameters:

Color: red, pink, blue, green, white

Material: appearance PU leather, inner linings flocking cloth, hardware fittings

Size: 10 * 10 * 5 cm

Suitable for: travel, shopping, gift, date.

Structure display:

1. Necklace hook, flannelette elastic band

The hooks are suitable for necklaces, hanging earrings and a hidden pocket for hairpins and other small items

2. Removable removable area

Left side detachable partition, the partition can be removed after the lipstick, watches and other accessories

3. Seven layers of wave grooves

Suitable for earring, ring and other small jewelry.

Show details:

Selected leather: texture PU leather, retro texture texture, beautiful and durable leather soft and comfortable feel, easy to take care of wear resistance.

Soft flocking: adopting kneaded flocking cloth, the fuzzy texture is clear and thick, and it is shockproof and friction-proof, soft to the touch.

Hardware accessories: selected high-strength alloy, after multiple polishing electroplating process, not easy to rust.

Space structure: humanized design, ingenious and flexible space structure, flexible and exquisite, more reasonable storage, beautiful and practical.

Color display:





The 5 Best Men’s Watches Under $50

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The 5 Best Men’s Watches Under $50

Watches can vary in price,

but we know that you don‘t want to break the bank,

so here are the 5 best mens watches under $50.

I absolutely love this very classy and elegant watch.

The fit and finish is good and the internal components

(since this has skeletal viewing on both sides)

exhibits a smooth finish whereas I have seen an unfinished rough surface on other brands.

This watch fits nicely and has an even weight distribution.

The 5 Best Men’s Watches Under $50


The watch was very good quality; heavy, had a card of authenticity

which made it feel ever more luxurious.

The 5 Best Men’s Watches Under $50


I like my watches, and this is my favorite.

I'd buy another one tomorrow if it somehow was broken today.

Every function works flawlessly and it looks every bit as good in person as on pictures.

I got lots of compliments on the watch already and even one from a man wearing an old Rolex.

This watch is worth every dollar, just buy it, you won't be disappointed.

The 5 Best Men’s Watches Under $50


I loved the watch! It looks cool on me!

My friends were so jealous that they asked if they can try it today,

and they gave it back to me!!! The quartz looked BEAUTIFUL!!!

The shine on it, just Shiny!!! I would definetly reccommend this to my JEALOUS friends,

and they said yeah, they said yeah that they would buy it.

The 5 Best Men’s Watches Under $50


This is easily the most worn watch in my humble collection for a few reasons:

1. Unlike my standard Weekenders, which you can hear ticking from across the room,

the Weekender Chrono's tick is whisper quiet even in stopwatch mode.
2. The 40mm case is a nice size — big enough to draw the occasional compliment,

but not so large that it gets in the way.
3. The simple design works in nearly every situation. For example,

it classes up nicely with a leather band.
4. It's cheap. Well below $50, I don't have to baby this watch.

If it gets bumped, scratched or smashed, it's no big deal.
5. This is my favorite. You can adjust the hour without moving the minute hand.

This makes the Weekender Chrono a great watch

to travel with because adjusting timezones less fiddly.

The 5 Best Men’s Watches Under $50

2019 Are Your Wrists Too Thin? What Kind Of Watch Is Suitable For Wearing?

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Are Your Wrists Too Thin? What Kind Of Watch Is Suitable For Wearing?

Mens Watches For Small Wrists, suitable For wearing a simple dress watch.
The popular watches with large gauge sizes (above 40mm) are not suitable.

Diving sports, large size of the pilot chronograph watch fit bad.
For $500, consider a quartz movement dress watch with a leather strap.
And the shell is beautifully designed, practical and decorative.
The Mens Watches For Small Wrists, the first choice to understand your own wrist to what extent?What is your wrist circumference?

And then some other people comments,

  • Person 1

Wrist small, I have personal experience, thin arm wearing a watch is too funny, very bulky.Indeed,

I suggest you try a watch diameter around 34.When trying on a watch, a dial over 40 really doesn't look good.

Are your wrists too thin?What kind of watch is suitable for wearing?

  • Person 2:
Mens Watches For Small Wrists in addition to consider the watch diameter, in addition to the watch thickness is a factor.

  • Person 3:

What brand is not the point!

Important is to be small, color to exaggerate, can be very plain,

also can be very individual character,

but can not wear the kind of very thick, will appear arm thinner, not good-looking!!

(ok, buy see u next time~)

by Mens Watches For Small Wrists

Make You Like Crystal Clear - ​Crystal Necklace - Clasp Types.

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Silver crystal necklace belongs to necklace clasp types, which shows white show young, winter wear coat or low collar sweater with ornaments is really beautiful, do not need to be too expensive do not need to be a too big fine, summer wear short sleeve neck, with crystal is really very beautiful neck.

The common ground of 3 necklaces is quiet in taking a bit nifty and lovely, contracted but not simplesmall but not stingy, the necklace length can adjust through necklace clasp, and especially suit all kinds of clothes.

1. Garnet amethyst necklace (crystal clear texture)

The first feeling that purple gives a person is the delegate color of elegance grace, still, have a kind of mysterious color to be inside at the same time

I think this item is especially suitable for dating, parties, singing (light-colored clothes).

2. White light crystal pendant with sterling silver necklace (comfortable texture)

Pure white crystal is inlaid in the middle, without what superfluous adornment and trifling ornament, actually the simpler thing is more delicate, what collocation is the sterling silver necklace, sterling silver act the role of an article is to wear more bright need not worry about to be able to fade so these circumstances.

Suitable for work, dating, shopping (dark and bright clothes)

3. Jade bamboo necklace (texture warm and clear)

The craft of this bamboo festival is reflected on a lot of adorn article, calculate an adorn article modeling of more popular.

And the jade is more wear brighter, the pure silver necklace that tie-in gold color is rich certain contemporary wind breath, won't appear so stingy

Suitable for any occasion (suitable for light and dark clothes)

Enjoy Your Trip - Necklace Travel Case

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Travel portable jewelry box wooden flannelette lock with portable mirror, ring earrings necklace jewelry storage box.

It is made of wear-resistant PU leather and environment-friendly flocking lining. Size: 10.5 cm long * 10.5 cm wide * 5.5 cm high.

Apply to bedroom, dormitory, travel, work, desktop.

Gorgeous and colorful outside appearance, hold watch heart collect carefully concurrently melting.


1. Go out for a business trip, different clothes with different accessories, plus beautiful temperament;

2. Drag commuting goddess, fix makeup at any time, feel free with your sex life;

3. Small enough to hold earrings, rings and necklaces.

A portable jewelry box for lipstick:

1. Install jewelry, including rings, earrings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets and other small ornaments;

2. Clear makeup mirror can supplement your perfect self anytime and anywhere;

3. It's portable and easy to travel around, in your pocket.

You can choose from many styles:

1. Sakura Pink

2. The sky is blue Garnet

3. Red (without mirror)

4. Pure black

Product details:

1. Hardware puller selection texture PU, beautiful and durable cross grain, natural luster, clear visible lines, soft and comfortable touch;

2. The soft flocking adopts the flocking with strong stereoscopic sense. The wool is plump and smooth, with a thick texture, soft luster and not easy to wrinkle;

3. Detachable, more convenient for hair clips, bracelets, hanging earrings and necklaces;

4. Scientific structure inherits European jewelry box design art, flexible and exquisite space structure, more scientific and reasonable storage, beautiful and practical.

As a gift:

May give the friend: the youth mark, the friendship lives forever;

Give it to your family: love is everywhere;

Can send closer friend: sincere blessing, to speechless is not you;

You can send a lover: French romantic experience, give you Macaron sweet.


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